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There’s been a lot of bad news coming from around the world today. I hear people talking about both “how things have gotten so crazy” and about the “good ol’ days”. It’s a strong pull that nostalgia puts on people who are caught up in these feelings and it’s almost natural to view life, at different times, with rose-coloured glasses. Which led me a while ago to think about that wonderful, science-fiction trope: Time Travel. However, as I thought about it there arose ideas about certain challenges that aren’t always addressed in many time travel stories. Would you agree?






As you can see, I’m pretty much for appreciating where we are now, despite the bad news. However, we never really know do we? Today may be good but what about tomorrow? Was yesterday all that great or was it just great for me? I remember hearing a historian asked if he would like to visit the European Medieval period he specialized in studying. His answer was, as I recall, “Well, maybe for a week or so and after I got all my shots.” I imagine that the past or the future for that matter might seem like living on another planet. Still, I also believe that as a species, humanity has followed the same aspirations and fallen for the same corruptions for millennia. Maybe we should start acknowledging it’s time for a change.

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