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Like everyone else, I often take time to daydream. Sometimes these musings can be very creative and lead to insights or project ideas that are fulfilling and fun. Sometimes the ideas are just plain silly. Case in point below.


As you can see – just silly. I like to blame McDonalds for the images of inanimate objects with feelings in their Chicken McNugget commercials. All those happy, laughing nuggets diving into dip! Didn’t they know they were dressing for death!? Then again, aren’t we all, in a way, dressing for death? …and down the rabbit hole we go again! Inspiration is a fickle mistress/clown. You don’t always control the paths your mind stumbles down. Sheesh! Now rhyming.  To distract myself and you from my amateur attempts at poetry, please visit our store and check out our cool merchandise. In addition to our graphic novels, you can purchase some awesome t-shirts and dress for LIFE instead! Or in defiance of death, that works too.