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One of the questions I often get asked, as an illustrator is “How do you come up with your ideas?” or its variant, “Where do your ideas come from?” Inspiration is a hard concept to peg down; mainly due to the fact it’s different for each person. How much is due to observation, interests or perhaps, just plain idiocy? I mean, when it comes to certain foundational concepts to what’s called “civilization”, how did those ancient people even come up with these ideas? Like bread, who would even think about pounding wild grass into a powder/flour to make something totally different? I think this is when I start leaning towards idiocy…or happy accident.




So maybe civilization didn’t arise entirely at the instigation of less than stellar individuals. It’s just sometimes I look at certain things around us and think: “Who could have even conceived of such an idea?” That is, when I put it in polite terms. Human beings are some of the most imaginative and wacky (again the polite term) primates on the planet. I suppose in the long run it’s been the combination of those weird factors that have pushed us along. I guess we have to pursue a path where the imagination outweighs the stupid. That’s the way we all get to survive when humanity meets The Blerbs! (See Blog #1 if you don’t understand my “Blerb” reference.)


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