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If you’re human you’ve had one of “those” days, or weeks or longer where everything is a challenge and either something major goes wrong or you’re constantly being distracted by one annoying inconvenience or debacle after another and find yourself left drained and frustrated. In his book “The War Of Art”, author Stephen Pressfield speaks of “Resistance” in the lives of creatives; a force that constantly pulls you away from your creative dream. Case in point below-


Looking back at this entry to the Doodle Blog, I realized I could have had Nothing instead say: “What? Again?!” Inspiration is great and subject to a myriad of influences which is why a myriad of distractions can send you off track. It does feel at times there is a force intent on dragging you away from your goal. Usually for perfectly logical reasons too. I find for a large number of creative people this resistance can take the form of a friend or family member asking for a favour during the time you’ve set aside for your art, whatever form that takes. It can be especially hard to refuse if you’re struggling financially and the offer/favour includes money. This is where training oneself to make a constructive choice comes in (I’m not kidding about the “training” part). Learning to recognize when certain things are necessary as part of life and when they only take you away from your true calling, can take some training. Though, hopefully I shouldn’t have to point out that if you need to refuse your friend, don’t be a jerk. Also, don’t fall for any guilt trips laid on you either (I hate those). You have the power and right to choose those things which feed your creativity and sometimes the choosing can be fun.


When I’m feeling the need to refocus rendering a doddle like the one above can help me do that. Essentially you’re taking time to pause and articulate, on a page, those things  that are of value to you. Seeing in a physical expression can sometimes be just the boost you need. Feel free to add any of your own ideas to the “I Choose” image. What other things or practices do you do to regain your focus and resist Resistance?

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