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Sometimes despite your efforts to remain positive, some negative manages to enter one’s life. Not exactly a newsflash, I know. For creatives this can be stifling. The cliched image of a tortured poet/artist starving in a garret waiting for their divine muse to descend and bestow celestial inspiration is…well, a myth. One that many artists have had to face off against when dealing with society’s and even their own expectations. At those times the best thing to do is take a breath and then take a step back. Also, what form that “step back” takes can be different for different people.


The doodle above is a sketch of a Mantra I have to sometimes recite to myself when I need to prevent myself from getting too worked up about the latest frustration to cross my path. To be honest however, I have to admit it often takes several breaths before I’m not gritting my teeth any longer. We all need something to get us to reach a state of calm. Depressed, anxious, angry artists are not productive artists. Take it from me. This is where walking the dog, meditating, exercising, reading a good book or even taking a nap can work wonders for clearing our minds and hearts. Find what works for you. It may even be doodling; creating images that don’t have to have any purpose beyond themselves. Unless they spark that flash of an idea that leads you to push it to another level. There’s a fun game-like quality to it when that happens.


As you can see in addition to doodling little stories I also like doodling affirmations. Maybe that’s something you can try the next time you feel the need for a creative nudge. I usually work in a journal and if that’s what you might like we have some cool journals, spiral-bound and hardcover, featuring some of our characters in our store. If escaping into a good story is your thing, check out our graphic novels too. In any case, grant yourself the freedom to explore with the understanding that the journey may be even more enlightening than the destination.