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We all have dreams and we all need a little help now and then. Luckily, nowadays there’s plenty of help to be found. Online courses, groups you can join, life coaches and even your family can help you achieve your dreams. Yet, it has to start somewhere and that somewhere is ultimately YOU! Having a goal in mind will help you focus on what you want to achieve and where you want to go. Many paths may lead to your desired destination and only you can decide on which path works best for you. Just remember you’ll find the guidance if you look for it.









Okay, so hopefully, your chosen path won’t lead to jail. However, I’ve always kind of wondered if super villains might benefit from some sort of mentorship program. Not that they need help for their life of crime but it does open up a niche market if you think about it. Kind of what we’re going for here at SillWill Studios. Maybe Professor Phantasm might have used his powers for good if he had just bought a few of our stickers or t-shirts. We are trying to be an example of truth and justice after all.