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When it comes to expressing ourselves words are essential. Written, spoken or sign-language, communicating concepts as simple as what you want for dinner or quantum theory require words. Yet as civilizations evolve and grow their language and its collection of words also change. Like clothing, words can go in and out of fashion. Oddly, (or not) I’ve been collecting old fashioned or seldom used words that just strike my fancy. I think expanding one’s vocabulary can be enlightening and fun – as long as you avoid being a bombastic jerk. In this blog I offer up a few of the words that have attracted my attention. Think they should be used more often or has their time past?






Maybe you have some unique and rare examples of words that you’d like to see make a comeback into our everyday conversation. I admit I have been known to “balter” and occasionally could be observed to lean towards “Isolophilia.” Feel free to even call me a “Virago” or perhaps only a “Simulacra” of one. In any case, stretching our vocabulary can stretch ourselves. I’ve recorded these particular words in my journal which is pretty handy and I’ll probably be doing more weird words too. Our store offers up some cool journals you might like for recording your own expressions, not to mention all the cool t-shirts, laptop covers, stickers and more.