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In keeping with the season and to lift the mood, today I’m sharing a little about a series I’ve done over the last number of years. Sometime ago when I was working my way through an Artist’s Block I decided to start doodling on a large piece of paper. The ending result was a painting I called “The Seeker.” It loosened things up in my mind and I was able to go back to my comic book work. However, I so liked the one Angel that I decided to do another. That one was “Lifedance”.

Now, when I was doing the two images seen to the left, recording your process wasn’t quite the thing it is today. By the time I got around to painting the third angel, I got myself together and made a slideshow documenting the work involved that you can watch below. I hope you find it entertaining.




As you can see there’s a lot of detail, much of it I couldn’t explain the meaning of to you but I figure that’s okay. I used rather vivid colours to get the image to jump off the background and to have vibrancy. The symbol of the angel can mean many things but the original term translates simply as, “Messenger”. So, I suppose you could also look for a message in the painting. Or does it tell a story? It’s not always necessary to answer that question but sometimes it can lead you to creating works you weren’t anticipating. Why not give it a try?

Here, I thought I’d give you a concise and crisp view of the finished angel called: “Reasons”.  Below you’ll see how it looks on the contrast tank available in our store. You’ll also observe why I try to avoid modelling anything. I swear to God I thought I was smiling more! Beside it is what I’d call a “Product Shot” where it’s paired with a denim blazer. I was exceptionally pleased by how it came out. The front side fabric is a light chiffon type of material the back is a black knit. Very comfy. For myself I’d be washing it by hand but I think in the machine on delicate would be alright.


The wonderful print quality on the tank top is just as good as on the t-shirts, stickers, journals and other products found in our store! We’ll be coming out with more designs in the new year that we can’t wait to show you! Let us know if you purchase anything and what you think! We’d love to hear from you!