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Wow! Welcome to SillWill Land Blog #12! Admittedly, being here is weirder for me than anyone reading this. It’s interesting to find this blog also falls on the last week of the twelfth month. Like a lot of other people, getting swept up in the holiday mayhem is an annual occurrence for me. Years ago I used to approach the season by designing my own Christmas cards that I would distribute to family and friends. For one reason or another I let that tradition slide but I’m thinking of reviving it. Here are some examples of my cards. Should I bring back the tradition?





For some reason, for most of my designs, I’ve always favoured a horizontal format. So one year I decided to switch it up…





As is apparent I like exploring the magical side of the festive season; the anticipation of Advent, the yearning for Christmas morning, the sense of longing for the peace inherent in the promise of the new birth of light into the world. Whether represented by the Christ child in the manger or the shifting of the planet as the days slowly lengthen once again, we centre our hopes in what we believe to be possible. And that may be the true gift, that our beliefs can open paths for us we thought impossible to achieve or too far reach. How might we guide those thoughts like a star to lead us towards a brighter future?