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The New Year dawns and we are often drawn to contemplate the many choices we’ve made the previous year as well as forming intentions and resolutions for the coming year. Have you noticed how sometimes when you make a choice about the direction you want your life or career to go something happens and you find yourself going down a different path? Most times you can’t even see it coming. Not to mention, the unexpected place you find yourself in can actually be better than the destination you were focussed upon. So, in the new year, perhaps we should remember to be open to a little Serendipity. Case in point below.


Well, if the first experiment doesn’t convince you to make sure the lab doors are closed….Well, I have to say I’m feeling the love from that “Golden Butter Bun”. Maybe next, the failed evil scientists can create a “Kit Budge-ster”, part kitten, part Budgie bird, part hamster – all cuddly! And uses a litter box! Anyone have any other ideas for super pets? Though I would advise we stay away from creating any “Grizarkeetahions”. A special no-prize if you can pronounce that! As doing these mashups was so much fun you may find them very soon as stickers and t-shirts in our store in the coming year. In the meantime a Happy New Year to all and may you always remember to keep the doors to your secret lab closed.