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Life, not unexpectedly, can often throw you for a loop. We can be proceeding according to a carefully laid out plan and then things go sideways. Like in comic books, where the hero has almost triumphed and then the villain pulls out a new evil twist. Maybe our issues aren’t quite as dramatic, but even in humble lives we need to take the time to relax and connect, get together with friends who share common interests and have fun. Of course for me, the thought comes to mind as to what superheroes might do if they were simply hanging out?


I’ll leave what might happen to the party/potluck after the arrival of Deadpool and Harley Quinn to everyone else’s imagination. Maybe they would be more into games like Pin The Tail OnThe Roast Goat or a martini drinking game. Next time perhaps the heroes should be a little more careful with their invitations. They could send exclusive cards featuring one of the multiple designs in our store that a hero would need to get into their super-secret party headquarters. Or keep track of their guest list in a cool journal. In any case, if you have any other ideas for a superhero potluck, let us know.