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It’s often good at the start of a year to pause and reflect, both on where you’re going and where you’ve been. For creatives, this can sometimes mean pulling out old work and re-evaluating whether the piece, a story or illustration for example, still resonates with you. In other words, is there more you’d like to explore or find still inspires ideas within the work? Case in point, I recently pulled out a small water-colour illustration I painted a number of years ago for use on greeting cards. Not sure where the idea came from but it’s something I’ve been meaning to return to. The little sketches that follow were my first attempt at taking it further and it’s sparked more ideas…


Now, as I see it, Fairy pugs are going to be great mischief makers and always on the look out for food, fun and, well they’re pugs so more food! I’m definitely going to be taking these sketches further as you’ll see in the coming weeks.

However, I do have an even more current example of pushing doodles further. For those that caught my very first blog, it featured the first appearance of alien creatures I call The Blerbs. I took a liking to the funny, tentacled aliens and you can see how they have come along.

And from “Mad Science” blog #13 you’ll recognize the gene-spliced cutie, “Golden Butter Bun”. Like the Blerbs he’s leapt from the pages of the blog to t-shirts, stickers, laptop sleeves and more. Available at our store. Soon he’ll be joined by the Fairy Pugs! From Doodle to Artwork fit for the Mad Scientist in your life! Even if that’s you!