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Lately, I’ve found that a number of people have spoken to me about having trouble with their hands. Long hours writing or typing, drawing, painting or working on detailed crafts or playing an instrument can often leave an artist with cramping or stiffness in their hands. Let’s face it, hands are…handy. It’s necessary for us to take care of them. Sometime ago, a yoga teacher taught me the six exercises that you’ll find in the doodle below. If you’re dealing with the problems I’ve mentioned, I hope these simple exercises help you to keep your hands healthy and fit.


As with any fitness routine, listen to your body and follow its cues in terms of the number of reps and sets that feel right for you. Especially be careful if you have arthritis or tendonitis or carpal tunnel syndrome. That being said, doing just a few reps and sets a day will strengthen and help maintain flexibility in your amazing appendages! I hope these help you as they’ve helped me.


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