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Sometimes as an illustrator I’m “drawn” to render an image for which no other word but “cute” suffices. Now, “cute” can sometimes be used in a dismissive manner these days – that is unless it’s being applied to babies, puppies or kittens or just about any baby animal. I’ve mentioned the idea I display below in a previous blog in which I displayed rough little sketches of some characters called: Fairy Pugs! No doubt my pug Hugo was a role model for their creation. So, using his darlingness for inspiration the Fairy Pugs have made their SillWill Studios debut just in time to share the love for Valentine’s Day!


Can you imagine these little critters loose in your garden or playing among your flower pots? They would definitely be getting into trouble and probably on an epic scale. However, you’d always be able to feel the love…and the snorting, though hopefully they wouldn’t shed as much as a regular pug.


Now, due to the fact that they were still pugs in part, fairy pugs would also be couch potatoes. Though for these small fellows a flower would provide an appropriate cushion for there’s nothing a pug likes or expects more than comfort. I would hate to think what mischief these creatures might get into if their need for treats and cuddles was not met! I imagine finding a place in your heart would be their greatest treasure.


I also wanted to develop a repeat pattern of the fairy pugs for leggings and certain tops that feature all six of the sweeties on one article. It’s an increase of love to the sixth power! Sometimes you just have to go for maximum cuteness regardless of what others might think! Feel the love in the air!


With all this love abounding, perhaps you’ll want to share the Fairy Pugs with someone you love this upcoming Valentine’s Day. Though you’re allowed for that person to be yourself! Whether as leggings or t-shirts or stickers to decorate whatever strikes your fancy, you can bring these sweethearts into your home! Let them share their love and magic with you!

And just to leave you with our favourite Fairy Pug inspiration…Hugo! I just love how the colour of his tongue matches the colour of the peonies.