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Since my last blog post, featuring my design of the little Fairy Pugs, and the thought that they would make wonderful Valentine’s Day gifts, I’ve noticed how pressurized Valentine’s Day has become. On one side you have romantic partners being pressured to make the day super-incredibly romantic. On the other hand, single people can’t seem to turn around without being handed the subtle message that they’re missing out on life if they’re not in a romantic relationship. This has spurred the somewhat rebellious response from certain singles to host “Anti-Valentine’s Day” parties. In this blog, we return to the Mad Science lab as one scientist tried to create a creature to improve his love life. He should have tried for a Fairy Pug.




I can’t escape the feeling that we’ll be seeing the Anti-Love Bug again sometime. Perhaps, you’ve already met one yourself, hovering around, always prepared to say the one thing to make matters worse. Perhaps you’d like to join forces with the Anti-Love Bug. If so, get those margaritas ready and pass out the “Love Sucks” cupcakes…and celebrate your singleness with friends who understand!


However, if you’re not ready to give up on Valentine’s Day or choose to view it as a day in which to celebrate Love in general, hop over to our store where the Fairy Pugs await! You’ll find them on t-shirts and tote bags and stickers and, of course cards! Let them remind you of all the magical sweetness of imagination in your life and in the lives of those who hold a piece of your heart.