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I have to say it: sometimes I have NO idea where an idea comes from. A prime case in point is the character you’ll find below. Maybe he’s been floating around in the ether waiting for a chance to materialize and my doodle blog was the perfect opportunity for him. Depicting many of the silly ideas that pass through my brain is part of the basis for this blog after all. Perhaps you too find your mind invaded by nonsensical characters or ideas and just decide to go with the flow. It can be unexpectedly entertaining. At least I hope you find it so.


So, do you happen to know a “Top Hat Cat” in your life? Maybe a “Top Hat Dog”? I think we all encounter at least once in our lives that one character, person or animal, that just knows who they are and likes themselves that way. “Top Hat Cat know he deserves the best.” That kind of confidence we can all hope to achieve; not in a selfish “Gimme, Gimme”way but in an appreciation of  one’s own self-worth. Something Top Hat Cat has in spades! Let’s learn from him!


Think you’d like to see more of Top Hat Cat? Maybe on a T-shirt or tote bag? Perhaps on a journal wherein you can record the many lessons of Top Hat Cat. I’m getting ideas for this little fellow. In the meantime, search through our many other characters for sale on a incredible variety of items in our store. May they reflect your appreciation for your wonderful self!