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A number of years ago, I had a fantastic dog named Sam. He was a Newfoundland/Border Collie mix with a gorgeous, glossy coat and an affection for everyone and a love of water that made keeping him out of the nearby creek quite the challenge. Sam was also the inspiration for Rocket the Astrodog, who you can meet in The Adventures of Astrodog, science fiction adventure graphic novels that we’ve published. In the Astrodog stories part of the tale is “narrated” by Rocket from his hard-boiled detective point of view. The idea for that came from the times when Sam would make the strangest vocalizations and I would jokingly encourage him to “Just say the words, Sam. Say it! Say it!” He never quite started talking but in this doodle blog I wonder what some of the things dogs might say to us if they could.






Well, perhaps we’re lucky dogs can’t talk to us though to be accurate they do still communicate in other ways. As far as I’m concerned dogs are one of the best deals humanity ever made with nature. If only we appreciated them and all our other companion animals to the degree they deserve. I did tell Sam at one point that if I ever got to the moon I would take him with me. However, Sam passed away many years ago so I like to think he just managed to get there before me. I have tried to honour Sam by immortalizing him in a comic book which you can purchase through our store on the website. Rocket the Astrodog ( aka Sam) also appears on several other items such as t-shirts and stickers and mugs that you can use to follow his ongoing adventures on the moon and beyond. He’ll be waiting to play with you.


Doesn’t he look like he’d be the best Astrodog?