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Awhile back I talked about revisiting old ideas and tweaking them into something new. I did this with an old illustration featuring the Fairy Queen with her grumble of Fairy Pugs. Well, doing some more “housecleaning” I came across a little comic strip I once kind of, sort of, dabbled or played with. I called it “The Other Side Of The Meadow” and it was intended to follow the misadventures of a little elf named Ralph Elfalfa. While the Fairy kingdom of DingDong Dell was sunshine-y and bright, the “other side of the meadow” on the slightly more damp and dank side lived our hero, with his Dad in a compost heap. However, for one reason or another I never did anything more with these characters other than the strips you’ll see below. What do you think? Do the characters deserve my attention? Or should I let them rest?


Personally, I find I still have affection for Ralph and company (many not revealed in this brief glimpse) but I recognize that sometimes as artists part of our job is discerning what ideas to pursue and what to set aside. Yet, this time I’m having difficulty deciding. I wonder if these characters have a future they’re just waiting to be revealed.


Well, at this point I haven’t taken The Other Side Of The Meadow gang further but you can certainly find some super-cool merchandise featuring the Fairy Pugs I mentioned earlier. If you like dogs or Pugs specifically your guaranteed to find something to strike your fancy – a t-shirt or an A-line style dress  and stickers, journals, tote bags or more. Maybe some day they’ll be joined by Ralph and crew.