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I’ve mentioned before how sometimes weird little characters will sometimes pop into my head from out of nowhere onto a piece of paper or the computer screen. Often that’s where they stay. Sometimes I take them further because I’ve developed a strange affection for them and think they deserve more of a life. Case in point, is Top Hat Cat. He’s a confident, stylish feline who knows what he likes and how to get it. This may explain why he wanted more than to be a singular blog post. So like the alien Blerbs and the Fairy Pugs, Top Hat Cat has moved on to bigger and better things. Below, you’ll see the doodle where he originated and how he’s developed from there.

So, just a little reminder of how Top Hat Cat first appeared. Pardon me for “repeating” myself.





To fully capture the spirit of Top Hat Cat I felt one needed to see the many sides of our fantastic feline phenomena! This suggested to me he would rock a repeat pattern which was something I had never done before. S0, it took awhile to work out the first block for the image. For some reason a green background was on my mind. Maybe because St. Patrick’s Day is coming. (Fun/Irrelevant Fact: St. Patrick’s original colour was blue.)




From there it was a matter of repeating the block as needed to produce a fantastic look for some of our different products like the A-Line dress you see here. I might be biased but I think it looks extra-sweet. You can’t be anything but stylin’ if you’re out and about with Top Hat Cat!


With this image in mind, I knew it wouldn’t be suitable for the standard t-shirt format but we offer some cool graphic tops that Top Hat Cat elevates to a whole other level. Not to mention how he ups the game on phone cases and tote bags.


So, if you’re looking for something unique or if you really like cats with style (well, let’s face it, all cats have style) check out  the many faces of Top Hat Cat. He’s looking for a good home.