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I’ve been a bit busy with a private commission lately so I thought this might be a good time to re-release a brief slideshow of a comics page I drew featuring some of the characters from our fantasy-adventure graphic novel trilogy, The Sorcerer’s Children. It’s a scene that never occurred in the story but may make an appearance if I ever get around to a sequel. Goblins beware! Our friends and their allies are coming for you!



A fun little project. I think I really need to do more of them. It’s always cool to see some of our characters taking care of business – or in this case surviving. You can join the quest of Devin, Brenna, Morwyn and Kedric and the rest of our cast whenever you pick up some of our books or some of the cool merchandise. Gotta say I love how well the stickers and mugs came out.


Just click on the store button and choose books or merchandise to join the adventure! Also, if you ever set up a photo shoot for some of your own products….make sure you always know where your cat is. Dusty does love to photo-bomb.