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Some years ago when SillWill Studios was just starting out ( and it was called SillWill Press) and my brother A.Jaye and I were getting into self-publishing, we decided to go with my fantasy-adventure story “The Sorcerer’s Children” as our first publication. Some discussions with local retailers led us to enter the market with a four-issue mini series. This gave us and the retailers a limited commitment that offered the best chance for success. This was well before the days of Kickstarter or Patreon, so we were on our own, as it were. To make a splash with the first issue, I decided to step out of the box and begin the story with four splash pages. I wanted to set the tone of an old fairy or folk tale that one might stumble upon in an old book. Did I make a wise decision? Take a look and let me know what you think.


So, there was the introduction of some the foundational characters found in The Sorcerer’s Children. I was channeling some of the Book of Kells here as I recall. Every so often we may make a decision that others don’t agree with (and we did get some criticism for our approach) but that’s right for us. Looking back, I appreciate the artistic freedom I had to make that choice. As we mature as artists the challenge becomes learning how to discern when criticism is valid and when it’s simply another person’s opinion. Some days I think I’m still learning that lesson.


You can find our villain Graidon and other characters from The Sorcerer’s Children graphic novel trilogy on lots of products in our store. From uber-cool t-shirts to leggings to journals where you can contemplate the many influences on your choices for your own projects. Discern what product suits best and enjoy it!