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Recently, while doing some Spring Cleaning I discovered some old comic book art boards I had drawn for a proposed science-fiction time travel story called The Hunt. A lot of things have sure changed for me since I rendered these pages. For one thing, I no longer do the lettering by hand. Lettering is one of the more underrated skills in the comic world and while legible I was never quite consistent, so the computer for me. Also, as seen on one of the pages I made the rookie mistake of putting a word balloon too close to the trim edge. Secondly, I long ago gave up using Zipatone for my grey tones. I know some die-hard artists still love to use the sticky, overlays that they trim to fit on their art boards but I got kind of fed up pulling stray bits out of my hair. Yep, computer tones for me. You can judge for yourself if I made the right decision.


So, there’s the introduction to some of the major players in The Hunt. I was just getting into more of the historical research when a few friends encouraged me to pursue a fantasy adventure story I had also been playing with. As things turned out The Sorcerer’s Children took fire in a way with me that The Hunt did not. Still, one can look at these pages and wonder “What if…” Think The Hunt might have some life in it yet?


Well, The Hunt might not live beyond the pages above but The Sorcerer’s Children certainly does. You can get copies of our graphic novel trilogy through our store or order some extra cool merchandise like t-shirts, mugs, tote bags or prints. Join the Adventure!