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As an artist, one of the most commonly asked questions I’m presented with is: “Where do you get your ideas?” My rather uninspiring answer is often, “From all over.” At least that’s the short answer. In truth a lot of my inspiration comes from my life and what’s going on around me. This often includes pets. My dog Sam was the inspiration for Rocket the Astrodog is one prime example. I watched a docu-drama about what it might be like to live in outer space while he was sitting beside me and wondered why the show never displayed people with pets. From there The Adventures of Astrodog was born. Also, in the very first SillWill Land Blog, humanity is saved from intergalactic war by the fact that the alien Blerbs love dogs so much. So, inspiration can often be found smiling at your feet.


Here’s an image of the real Sam next his cartoon counterpart. It’s a rather old picture as Sam passed away many years ago but he remains fresh in The Adventures of Astrodog graphic novels. And dogs and all sorts of creatures can be found following the Blerbs around, as seen in the illustration below.

So, I went from my dog going into outer space to an alien that loves pets of all kinds. I wonder what pet a Blerb might have back home on their own planet and if humans would like it as much as the Blerbs like our pets. Well, there’s something to think about…and that’s also how a lot of “inspiration” works. You start with one idea and it leads to another and another and another….and sometimes you can end up in completely new territory or creatively expand on the old one. In every case, if nothing else, it’s interesting.

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On a side note: I have had to write this blog with an overly affectionate cat on my lap…still trying to decide if he’s inspirational or just  plain annoying. Man, he’s lucky he’s so cute.