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Now, awhile back I did a blog titled: “If Dogs Could Talk…what would they say?” Well, I haven’t had any peace from a certain feline of my acquaintance, (his name is Dusty) who insists that cats need equal time. This is, of course, because cats also have plenty to say.







If you’re a cat-lover, I think you’ll understand each of those exchanges. I’ve been stuck with that snoozing cat on my lap that I felt compelled not to disturb, no matter what. Not to mention the dreaded Hairball Experience. You’re lucky when it’s not all over your bed. Still, as cats are the most adept at being simultaneously annoying and adorable we can perhaps learn something from them…like how to get away with anything if you can do a “Cute Kitty” with your eyes. Though perhaps that is a power best reserved for cats – who know how to use it without abusing it….Yeah, right.

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