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We’ve all heard the old riddle, “What came first, the chicken or the egg?” which highlights our tendencies to ponder, even venerate, “Firsts”. This got me thinking recently about what it would be like for the person who “first” came up with what would have seemed like a crazy idea for the time. I mean, if something is first then there isn’t anything for it to be compared to. Right? So, it’s just got to be seen as weird. My examples are kind of…broad but see if you catch my meaning.


Well, since there exist records of something like a banana being eaten in ancient Rome, little Timmy may not be an actual First but you know he was the first for his class. Not to mention, I’ve long suspected Painting was invented to cover up Cave Bear stains. Makes perfect sense. Also, I would say that a lot of firsts were attached to a sales pitch….so….


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