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Around here we’ve had a cold, wet Spring; dreary days where the temperatures have you grumbling and complaining yet itching to get in the garden. With such a grouchy mind-set it can be difficult to be open to any “inspiration” regarding this blog or other creative endeavours. Luckily, I was able to get a small uplift from a robin building its nest on the top of our front porch light. The light is in a box so it provided a flat, stable surface for such construction. Soon, there were a noisy, greedy trio of chicks that had their parents flying back and forth to keep them fed. For me they were a charming reminder that Spring was indeed here, the days are getting brighter and inspiration can be found in unexpected places. Take a look at our charming and cheeky squatters.



Well, you can see a cute little adolescent still with his speckled breast who made it out of the nest. There was much flapping of wings and a wobbly launch to get to that point. One of the fledglings actually flew smack into the side of our neighbour’s house on its first try. He’s okay and after a few moments went hopping away with Mom or Dad alongside. The nest is empty now as all three chicks have taken flight. We catch a glimpse of them every so often as they check out the surroundings while appreciating what’s familiar. A prudent approach.


So, I guess I thought one of the young robins looked like a “Gerald”. For the other two, maybe Rupert and Cecily. Feel free to come up with your own monikers. Still, despite their following the push of a primal drive to fly, I do appreciate their inspired show of courage when they “launched”. You too can launch into a new style when you sport some of our awesome gear! Summon your inner Gerald, Rupert or Cecily and click on the link for our store to find t-shirts, tote bags, stickers and more that will give you a boost whenever you need one.