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Every day I can find some inspiration when I take my pug Hugo for a walk in a nearby park. Sometimes we’ve seen deer, other times I’ve watched a family of hawks circling overhead or scurrying rabbits and squirrels, not to mention the large variety of insects and other birds. The respite it gives can be uplifting and restorative and it can also lead one to contemplate the “Big Picture”. We are constantly moving creatures even when we’re sleeping. However, we should also not forget the life in front of us. Case in point…


Yep, so even while I might contemplate the cosmic forces at play in creation, there are very practical forces that keep me grounded. There’s value in those small truths too. Also, the Earth may be rotating at 16,000 km/hr (approximately 1,000 mph) but that poop isn’t going anywhere, so please SCOOP!. Seriously.


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