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Well, sometimes life really gets in the way of producing a blog. However, it has made me contemplate how it would have been great to have a little magical help on certain days and with certain duties. It’s one of the characteristics of modern life that Social Media is a big part of reaching out to people. For good or ill. Yet, it’s something I’m still struggling with keeping up. Hence, the wish for some of the come-in-handy help found below. Can you think of any other helpful fairies for modern life?



A small confession, the Gamer Fairy is my conception of what might come in handy most for a gamer swept up in competition – aside from providing victory, of course! However, there’s plenty of other instances fairy magic would be a great advantage. Say, the “Perfect Parking Spot” Fairy? Or the “Best Seat In The Theatre” Fairy? Or “Always Have A Comeback For An Insult” Fairy, if you’re in a sarcastic mood. It does bring to mind that we can look for some “magic” in our every day life. If you’re lucky it can be a fairy with just the magic you need.

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