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Well, recently I finished the second draft of a novel I’m writing. It was a project I had invested a lot of myself in and when I completed the last line, I sat back with relief. However, as happens sometimes at the end of a large project or piece, I also experienced a degree of anxiety. This is often expressed in a feeling of “What do I do now?” I had told myself I should let the second draft alone for awhile before returning for a third crack at it so I was left seemingly without another project lined up. That was of course, totally wrong but a common reaction when just wrapping up something important. You can often feel yourself giving into the reaction depicted below…


If there’s a positive about procrastination, it’s that sometimes it can lead you to reflect on just why you may be avoiding certain projects or activities. It helps to understand what you might be feeling about things and how you can change your attitude or whether you might need to drop a project entirely. Of course, that’s assuming you have choice about it. So, learning to discern how much is attitude or how much belongs to the “thing” being considered can go a long way towards helping you understand the origins of your procrastination. Sometimes, you’ve just gotta do, what you gotta do and other times you don’t. Are there things you’ve been procrastinating about that you might like to re-examine? Projects that might be worth another look or others that you might need to give yourself permission to let go, so you can focus on what you really want to do. It’s an awesome choice to have.


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