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There are alway certain times when inspiration is a struggle. Ideas are elusive and creative juices are definitely not flowing. Something has jammed that dam and there doesn’t seem to be anything you can do to unplug it. During those times I always find it helps if you step away from a project or piece of work and take a break. Sure, it would be fantastic if one could simply whistle for a Fairy Godmother. Can you imagine what that might be like?


How great would an appearance from that divine Muse be? However, there’s always a risk that someone, shall we say, unexpected might show up instead…


I think I’ll take that break instead. The “Meh’s” can lead to more serious drags than simple disinterest. So, if your Fairy Godmother of Meh shows up just hand her a coffee and tell her you have another appointment – whether with a good book or a warm puppy or a supportive friend, it’s always permissible to take a break when you need one. Unless you’re in the world-saving business. On behalf of the world, please save it first then go take your dog for a walk. Please.


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