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As I’ve recently struggled with finding some inspiration for various projects I sometimes go looking for a uplift from different sources. Along with music, books and comics, I can often connect with certain inspirational quotes. In this era of the sound bite such sayings can, occasionally give us a brief boost when we need it. Below are a couple that caught my eye that conjured some creative energy for me. I hope they give you a boost too.




I guess if you’re going to “call” something, you might as well make it a “big” something! Maybe that’s the point. Let’s put out a call for a “Good Dragon”. Perhaps, it’s for that idea that’s just right or the solution to a problem that’s been plaguing you or maybe for a good night’s sleep so you have the energy to face the busy day. Are there any quotes that have stayed with you and inspired you in some fashion? Feel free to share. Maybe you’ll see them here on the doodle blog someday.


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