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It has occurred to me that my most recent blogs have had a “motivational” character to them and since “International Cat Day” is just around the corner I decided to combine the two into the image found below. The roaring lion was rendered digitally but I thought I would contrast it with image of a roaring cougar that was taken from an original charcoal drawing. What works better?


Now, I don’t wish to imply that only guys can sport the lion and women the cougar but I do like how each of these images worked on the different figures. Anyone can choose the image that conveys the message that best represents their feelings.



I hope you liked the comparison of images in this post. Working more and more in digital formats these days has revealed to me just how much I need to learn. Luckily, my images can be found in an exceptional number of different forms these days thanks to businesses like Redbubble where you’ll find the roaring lion on journals and water bottles, coffee mugs and of course, stickers! All to be found in our store that’s only a couple of clicks away through our website.