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In his book, “The War Of Art“, Stephen Pressfield talks about a force he names “Resistance” that actively seeks to undermine and suppress or otherwise distract artists from pursuing their true calling. Whether through the demands made on one’s time by others or the lack of belief in one’s abilities or even the perchance for being led off track by every new idea that pops into one’s mind (Shiny Object Syndrome Anyone?), Pressfield believes that Resistance opposes creativity. In the case of Ralph Elfalfa of the magical meadow of Ding Dong Dell, that resistance is personified in the Fairy Godmother of Meh! As we saw in the last blog, she tends to show up at the most inconvenient time…


I have noted in my experience that the “Mehs” do tend to be accompanied by her sisters. There’s always something to bring you down or make you irate if you turn your attention from your true goal. Whether that goal is writing a book or drawing a cartoon or painting a piece that is only for you but that feeds your soul, letting the Fairy Godmother of Meh sap your energy is something of which it pays to be aware. Personally I find my Pug dog Hugo is a big help against the doldrums and cuddling with him can give me a new perspective. Do you have a method that helps you break free of the “Mehs“?


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