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At this time of year, we’ve been reaping a pretty impressive (for us) harvest from our garden. Unlike last year when our yield from the garden wasn’t so impressive, this time around I had to marvel at the enormous size of the potatoes we’ve gathered. However, sometimes the weirdest thoughts seem to occur to me…


“I smell a mystery novel”. I do suspect it’s an angle that may have been written but think about it. An edible murder weapon. Of course, the other question is why such a thought would pop up in my mind. Not, “Wow, I could feed a small family with this potato”, but “You could kill someone with this”. However, I will suggest having a propensity for bizarre thoughts can be a real boon for a person in the creative field. Though a healthy dose of strangeness, regardless of your occupation or place in life, can add a lovely sideways colour to things that I hope you take the time to appreciate. Just, you know, in the end opt for feeding the small family.


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