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I’ve been kind of busy with work on The Sorcerer’s Children Fantasy Adventure Card Game (and life in general). However, after giving you all a little glimpse of the game a couple of blogs ago, I thought it might be interesting to show some of the pieces in a “Before” ( rough sketch) and “After” (finished illustration) display.




As you can see, sometimes I start with a sketch that’s highly developed and other times…not so much. This can depend on whether I’m approaching the illustration with a fairly firm idea in my head to begin with or whether I’m still figuring it out. I leave it to you to decide if it worked or not. All of these designs will be showing up in our forthcoming card game and at sometime we’ll reveal even more. Maybe even have a little explanation about how to play. Check here or our Facebook page for further news.


If you want to get the full story the game is based on while you wait, check out our graphic novels, The Sorcerer’s Children through our store. Join the adventure!