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I finally took a brief break from working on The Sorcerer’s Children Fantasy-Adventure Card Game to design a new illustration for the Animals Portfolio in our Redbubble store. I have had this particular idea for awhile as I had been hearing the old pressure to smile…regardless of how you feel. Now, as things happen I smile a lot for my second job as a Seniors’ Fitness Instructor. It’s a sensible approach as not much is more de-motivating than an instructor that looks like they really don’t like what they’re doing. However, there have been times when I didn’t feel like smiling but I still did. Yet, I sincerely believe, outside of that context, I should smile when I feel like it and not smile when I don’t. After adopting that philosophy I discovered that everything remained okay. Some revelation, huh? I’m asking that with a smile.

When thinking of smiling I went with a shark despite the dolphin’s smiley reputation. Yet, why not the shark…it has all those shiny teeth.

To get my intended message across, I used Affinity’s Designer program to transform my digitally painted shark into a statement.


Once I rendered the image to my satisfaction it was uploaded to our Redbubble Store and adjusted to the myriad products for sale. I have to say I really like how my shark looks on a black t-shirt.


I also had a laugh seeing what the image might look like on a comforter. Wouldn’t you like to see that on your bed? Sweet dreams!


Well, maybe you’re not into sleeping with the sharks…it can also be printed on a shower curtain. LOL! Don’t let that bath water build up past your ankles. Hopefully, this little message can point out that it’s okay to express yourself as you see fit. Your emotions are your own and that’s all good.


If you like what you see and the message resonates with you, check out all the different merchandise you can find in our store. There are a number of “Animal Message” designs that just might speak to you.