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Perhaps I’m not the only person to notice that one of the favourite scenarios in much of present day science fiction is where our species is threatened, if not destroyed by hostile extraterrestrials. Yet, I often wonder about how in order to become as advanced as they’re portrayed, the”aliens” would necessarily have to be at stage where they were more inclined to be peaceful and cooperative as any advancement that would lend itself to being capable of space travel would depend on such benignity. However, what if we found our own “advanced” ideas about ourselves challenged, in an unexpected way by aliens that force us to re-think certain prejudices we might carry with us when the day comes that we explore the stars…


Whew! Thank God for cats! Like the alien Blerbs (Blog #1) and dogs, once more humanity is saved by our animals friends and the extraterrestrial we encounter thoroughly surprises us. Think you could be friends with a grandmotherly giant spider? Not sure myself, though those scarves do look extra cozy. However, present day humans have enough trouble getting along with each other let alone an alien spider. Yet, it doesn’t hurt to escape into our imagination and wander into positive realms, curl up with a cat and a cozy scarf and dream.


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