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Many, many years ago I had a part-time job in retail. It was a pretty good job and I liked the people I worked with. I can’t say the same for certain customers. Working in the world of “The Customer Is Always Right” can be frustrating and cause a lot of teeth-grinding at times. However, in those long-ago days the Black Friday Sales Frenzy had not quite reached Canada. On that day many Canadians would dash across the border to take advantage of the bargains they could find. As a result, the pressure to join the sales mayhem was immense. So now, we have the Black Friday mania in Canada and as you see, it has even reached the fairy meadow of Ding Dong Dell…


I think for many retailers Black Friday can sometimes have the feeling of a looming monster. Though perhaps – maybe – hopefully people won’t quite lose their minds. Well, I’m certain that Ralph and his friend Seymour will be hoping for that result. Of course, Ralph’s dad is in the compost business, so unless there’s a huge rush on fertilizer the big monster might only squish them a little.


Now, if you’re the type that rather likes the manic energy of Black Friday, jump over to our store and take advantage of some great deals. However, if you’re not that type, feel free to take this time to just chill and shake your head in wonder at the chaos that will erupt before you. Redbubble, who handles our merchandise, often has some pretty good sales at different times so you’re sure to find an awesome deal on our exceptionally cool stuff.