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Lately with all the pressure and distraction of Black Friday, I’ve felt a little dragged out and blaming my “age” for my lack of energy. However, just the other day I was presented with a decidedly more positive vision for aging in our current, developed world. Perhaps, you agree?


Well, do those statements strike a chord? Have you ever felt that it is a privilege to grow old – a privilege that is denied to a significant majority of people throughout the world? I have to admit that I have often forgotten that precept within all the distractions of modern life. I hope you too can find the time to appreciate that fact while facing the cacophony of Black Friday.


Well, I don’t really want to add to all the Black Friday pressure in this blog, so all I’ll do is encourage you to check out our store page. If you’re looking for deals I hope you find them and if you’re looking for peace I hope you find that in even greater measure.