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In one of my earlier blogs I illustrated a few uncommon words that I thought would be cool to bring back into modern use. I meant to do more but it wasn’t until now that I got around to it. Some of these new words aren’t from English but as the English language has a tendency to absorb any word it likes perhaps we can do the same here. In keeping with the season, I’ve chosen words with a more uplifting meaning. See for yourself as to whether we might be able to start slipping these interesting words into our casual conversation.


If anyone knows the particular origin of Nefelibata, please let me know. I couldn’t find one however much I googled. Still, I’ve known a few nefelibata in my life and hope to know more. Perhaps, while I indulge in some Werifesteria with my Anam Cara with the goal of strengthening our state of Sophrosyne. It could happen…though it might take awhile. Do you have any odd or rarely heard words you’d like to dust-off  and use in conversation? Let, me know and it might just make an appearance in SillWill Land.


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