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In this age of reduce, reuse and recycle, a trend that I have a certain affection for is “Upcycling”. For those who may not have heard of it, Upcycling refers to taking an old item (usually a article of clothing) that is  renewed through the addition or subtraction of new features to create a renewed design. It’s a feature that many artists and creative types learn to exploit in pursuit of fresh expressions for old (but not stale) ideas. It was an urge to upcycle that took me back to a number of Christmas card designs. Below, is the original card design of a Christmas Peppermint Fairy.

This original image was rendered in watercolour paint on illustration board. It was loosely inspired by the Nutcracker ballet story.

Using my graphics program, Clip Studio Paint, I enlarged and rendered the fairy in digital paint and expanded the repeated pattern of the peppermint candies. The candy pattern, originally created simply by scanning a few of the actual mints into a computer file.

I also realized that on certain products it made sense to eliminate the candy pattern. It was interesting to see how it affected the impact of the image.

So what do you think of upcycling? I appreciated breathing new life into an old design. It really expands the possibilities for extending the viability of one’s creative library to unknown limits. Perhaps there’s an idea you put aside that deserves another look? Think about it.

I thought it might be cool to show what a Christmas Card Design looks like on completely different products, all found in our store. If “Sweet” and cool are part of your scene than the Peppermint Fairy is a ready to add that special magical touch to your enchanted style.