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After a rough start to January 2020, including some major issues with my computer, I thought I would post a blog with a simple subject. We all know how Meditation is supposed to be good for you but if you’re like me you can really struggle with the whole “Monkey Mind”, “difficulty letting go” side of it. That is where the whole “Doodle Meditation” can help you. If you’ve ever mindless doodled while waiting on hold you’ve already had some experience. Simply let your mind, with the help of a pencil/pen/brush, wander across a page and let your subconscious  break free of the restrictions or distractions that might be stifling your creativity. Below are three examples of the doodling I’m talking about. Try the exercise for yourself and see what results you get.

You don’t have to be engaged in an artistic project to try this little mind-opener and it doesn’t need to take much time either. Try it whenever you’re stuck for ideas or just feeling a little overwhelmed. You’ll also find switching from a standard pencil to a coloured pencil can also tweak your approach. Don’t worry about showing these sketches to anyone either…unless you want to. This is largely meant to shake off the need to produce a “thing”. Simply enjoy the experience.

Well, if you’d like a journal in which to draw your freestyle doodles, consider one of the exceptionally cool journals you can find in our store. Make one your “Doodle Meditation” record. Who knows where it might lead you? Now, I think I just might take one of those sketches a little farther. Can you guess which one?