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So, February has arrived and with it Valentine’s Day! Feeling any pressure? I’m just asking because if you check out the stores there’s a lot expected from that one day. It’s as if you’re supposed to put your romance up against all the great romances of history and see how things measure up. Yet, can any romance truly compete with the one depicted below?

So, if a little girl asks you where unicorns come from, now you have an answer. All thanks to the Magic of Love! (Cue violins, rainbows and roses falling from the sky.) If you’re ready to jump into the pool of fantastical romance you can surprise your unicorn-loving sweetheart with an abundance of heartfelt merchandise in our store.

Check out our cards and journals (to keep track of all your lovey-dovey dates) and sweet t-shirts and stickers and laptop skins, all to promote your message of love…and unicorns! I have to admit though…I don’t want to think about where Centaurs come from. We’ll just leave that one alone.