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Since people first began playing with shadows, silhouettes have been a part of illustration. By reducing the image to a simple outline it can convey a forceful story that might have been obscured by a full rendering. There lies the power of the silhouette; it’s ability to tell a story with minimal detail other than the outline. Based on that, what story might you invoke when you view the images below?


I began one image with a classic sihlouette; it tells a story in strong a simple manner.


Of course, after rendering a unicorn, I felt the need to try a dragon!


Then, I decided to up the drama. What do you think?


And if a unicorn can summon the lightning, so can my dragon!

The thing I like about silhouettes is their ability to tell a story with minimal detail and it’s the viewer that gets to provide the details. Simple images have a power all their own that is sometimes underestimated. That’s why I produced these images and two others with the idea of t-shirts and other merchandise in mind. They work at different sizes and on different articles. Kinda cool!

Check ’em out!