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Amidst all the Covid-19 news and the pressures of self-isolation, I thought I would take the time to introduce everyone to the cast of characters that can be found in our graphic novel, fantasy-adventure trilogy The Sorcerer’s Children. I’m hoping these small synopsis will be a welcome distraction from our present challenges. So, without further ado, I’ll begin with the first of our core group…


Devin: At first glance, Devin seems to be on a single-minded quest for revenge against the supernatural forces that killed his father. However, there’s more to the intelligent but hot-headed young warrior that motivates his behaviour. He has an horrendous mistake for which he seeks redemption and a stubborn reluctance to accept help or at times, to give it. Will he learn to open up and realize he can’t achieve his goal on his own or will he flounder and fall before the forces arrayed against him?

Well, you’ve gotten a little taste of one of the cast of The Sorcerer’s Children. These introductions will continue in my following blogs, so I hope you’ll meet someone you’ll connect with and whose full story you’re excited to uncover. All our books and scores of exceptionally cool merchandise are easily available through our store on the website.  You can find your own path as you join us on this journey of adventure!