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Wow! Times flies…or one day blurs into another when you’re stuck in a shutdown. I’m still trying to decide which case it is. So, to take a little escape, I’m continuing with introductions to the cast of The Sorcerer’s Children. Last week was Devin and today it’s the apple of his romantic eye, Brenna!



Stolen from her safe and predictable home in the province of Kerleigh, Brenna and her sister find themselves thrown into the middle of the dangerous plots of an evil sorcerer. Only her strange, emerging powers grant her a chance for survival in an overwhelming game of Shadows. At first appearing shy and quiet, there is something almost bird-like about Brenna that would lead some people to underestimate her. However, between her growing powers and her own hidden strength of character, Brenna proves to be a formidable force in the quest to prevent the triumph of evil in the twin kingdoms.

Through haunted forests and scheming courts and violent battlefields, Brenna is swept along on an unforeseen and epic adventure that affects the fate on the entire Twin Kingdoms! You can learn the whole story in the graphic novels or you can join the quest when you don the garb or collect the enchanted items that bear her image. Let the magic of The Sorcerer’s Children add some enchantment to your life.