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Here we continue with the introductions of the main cast for The Sorcerer’s Children, graphic novel trilogy. We’ve got a large group of characters to help you get familiar with so I hope you’ve been enjoying these posts as much as I’ve enjoyed talking about them. We’ve met Devin, Brenna and now without further ado, meet Kedric!


The childhood friend and oath-brother of Devin, Cedric has dreams of becoming a Knight of the Star, an elite order known for their valour and bravery. By loyalty, he is drawn into Devin’s quest for revenge but he also hopes their adventures will support his knightly ambitions. Kedric is gregarious and open-hearted yet also a fierce and skilled combatant, ready to fight for what and whoever he loves and esteems. Determined to stand against the dark forces that are gathering against them, Kedric walks a fine line between glory and tragedy.

Thanks for sticking around for these “Introductions”, we’ve a few more interesting characters to go. If you’d like a closer connection with our adventures check out our store for the books and some of the coolest merchandise. Join the adventure and fight for glory and justice when you bring home a graphic novel, t-shirt or journal. One way or another let the story continue with you.