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Well, here we come to the final member of the core group of The Sorcerer’s Children fantasy-adventure graphic novels. For our four young companions, attempting to thwart the plot of an evil sorcerer can be daunting under the best of circumstances but Morwyn is ready for the fight.


Kidnapped alongside her sister Brenna, from their peaceful village home, Morwyn’s emerging magical powers help to back up her sometimes tempestuous temper as she strives to defy the forces arrayed against them. Though her sharp tongue can often land her in trouble, her heart is always in the right place and she will stand by her friends despite all odds. Morwyn can be fierce or soft depending on the situation and as she and her sister learn more about their hidden background, her motivation to fight grows even stronger.

Morwyn is just the kind of friend you want on your side when life sends its goblin hordes to plague you. Take some of her energy for yourself when you invite her into your home. Whether you’re following the story in the three graphic novels of The Sorcerer’s Children or snatching up some of the coolest merchandise available through our store, you’ll welcome the enchantment it brings.


Next Week: The Villain of the story!