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Enter, the Villain! As powerful force behind the all the plots that threaten the Twin Kingdoms, the ancient sorcerer Graidon is feared throughout the land. Perhaps, you wouldn’t want to know more about him…on the other hand…..



With the sobriquets of “Lord of Nightmares” and “The Red Lord” for all the blood he has spilled, Graidon’s reputation has grown into legend over the centuries. Beginning with the murder of his own father, the master sorcerer Aywyl, Graidon has fought to gain a secret ultimate power to secure his victory. However, before succumbing to his son’s attack, Aywyl hid that final spell within two jewels that were spirited away and hidden by the sorcerer’s faerie allies. For almost six hundred years, Graidon has searched for the jewels now known as “The Tears of Aywyl” as a waning of his power or “curse” added a desperate and even more dangerous motivation to his schemes. With his prize almost within his grasp, he has used his corrupting influence to create marauding hordes of Shadowwolves and commanding the goblin armies and Kindred Assassins. The stakes are now higher than ever and Graidon’s patience for triumph has worn out.

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