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Last week I introduce the main villain of The Sorcerer’s Children graphic novel trilogy, Graidon. In the realm of the Twin Kingdoms, Graidon’s evil has a balancing counterpoint in the mysterious character known as Jack O’ The Green….


Jack O’ The Green:

Within the magic-imbued forests of the Twin Kingdoms, a mysterious and imposing figure rules. Jack O’ the Green, also known as The Forest Lord and The Green Man, roams the woods alongside the faerie wolves as he protects the balance of nature and the secret paths to Faeland. It is believed that the name “Jack O’ the Green” is actually more of a title and may have been carried by a variety of individuals over the centuries. In all the legends, he stands as an opposing force to Graidon’s corrupting influence and the current Green Man is known to have engaged in open battle with the Lord Of Nightmares. Jack carries the wounds of that conflict and though still powerful, is weakened by fractured memories and confusion. Despite this, he agrees to help the four young companions, Devin, Brenna, Kedric and Morwyn in their quest for the Sceptre of Aneurin. The mighty forests holds many secrets and even though injured, Jack O’ the Green still commands the power to help them to victory.

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